As usual, the beauty of GIA STUDIOS collection lies in the details. Inspired by the nostalgic elegance of Indochina, with the delicate blend of Asian and European aesthetics, the intricate components of traditional clothings are now softened to form the feminine silhouettes featuring plays of folding, draping and asymmetrical cuts. With GIA STUDIOS F/W20, the reminiscence of a part of history have now been reimagined in a different way, with “yem dao” inside the shirt, a tunic which is buttoned-up, or “ao dai” with a loose detached flap.

It can be said that GIA STUDIOS Fall Winter 2020 is a smooth blend of light, movement, lines, and texture. Still focusing on the "colorless" palette as usual, what makes the difference for each collection is the plays with shades, textures and forms, to retain the timeless elegance thanks to precise tailoring, but with given a fresh twist as in the skirt made from many pieces of narrow fabric into somewhat we called a "bamboo effect", or the sharp cocoon shape that is transformed seamlessly from the silkworm cocoons, or the “quat mo” (fanning) bag visualized from the familiar item associated with Vietnamese culture.From the shape formed from two circles to the pure fragility and lightness, fanning bag is the essential item that GIA STUDIOS dedicates for women, recalling the beauty of a golden past. 



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